Vale Dog training is a business that offers dog training and boarding services located in Pershore.

Simon, (one of the business owners) had created a website for this business using Wix, which provided a web presence for the business.

Not being a web designer, the site layout was not optimised for the subject matter.

In addition, Wix lacked the SEO technology to enable the business to grow by being able to be found easily when searching the internet for this type of service. We discussed the website and what design ideas they had, and how we may best achieve them.

The way forward

The first stage was to move them to a CMS (Content Management System) platform, and I suggested we move to WordPress and to enable them to manage the site themselves, using a page builder called DIVI.

This would enable to me to develop the site quickly (as the page builder is wysiwyg) and as they had experience with Wix, using DIVI would not be a big learning curve.

The development

Using the original design, images and content as a starting place, I developed the site on a .com domain to look similar to the original, and once that was developed we could then look at the design and start making the improvements as well as compliance with the SEO requirements.

Once the initial design was signed off, I then forwarded all the pages to the .com so that any previous visitors would be taken to the new site while the SEO was propagating the internet.

Moving up Google

In the months that followed, continual updates to the design, pages and posts were added and linked to the newly created social media channels to push the SEO of the site to the top of the google rankings.

The result

Since the new site has been launched in September 2017, the site has attracted more visitors which has resulted in more bookings for all the dog services they offer.

This has also led to the decision to expand the business to include a dog grooming service.

As a result of the expansion, Vale Dog Training also commissioned me to create a business website for the dog grooming business (Vale Dog Grooming), which was launched in February 2018.

Following the creating and launching of their new bespoke site for that part of the business, it is now growing quickly.

You can read the full case study for Vale Dog Training here.



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